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How can we define still more popular activity which is called Go Karting? In brief, go karting presents a special variant of open wheel motorsport with smaller four-wheleed vehicles, which are called karts. The main protagonist of this sport was a phenomenal racer - Michael Schumacher.

Naturally, we do not offer a course how to become a top pilot of F1. On the other hand, you can spend here valuable time and huge adrenaline with your friends. The private track has unique 800 metres and it is avalaible throughout the year in Berlin. Each one of you will have own 30 minutes to your driving performance. That sounds like a great race!

Go karting Berlin offers a combination of high-spec equipment, first class circuit including many ideal positions, where you can show your racing proficiency. Come go karting to Berlin and enjoy 25-30 minutes of racing ecstasy!

We provide

  • Private track reservation
  • 25-30 min driving each (qualification + races)
  • All equipment
  • Instructor
  • Roundtrip public transfers (fare included)
  • Lovely Guide to Accompany you
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Price Per Person: € 49, £ 44
Minimum number of people: 10
Approximate duration: 3 hours *
Location: Berlin

* The approximate duration of activity includes transfers and is calculated with minimum required number of people.

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Berlin stag weekend was amazing. The tour guide was polite, friendly and helpful. The paintball activity was enjoyed by all. I hope we come back next season to Berlin.

Rob Geldof - 08/06/2013
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